Thursday, August 24, 2006

Wii to cost no more than 250€ in Germany

Bernd Fakesch, boss of Nintendo of Germany, announced that the Wii will cost no more than 250€ in Germany. He gave no precise release date, but mentioned that Nintendo wants to sell 4 million exemplars until the end of 2006. That's twice as much as Sony is heading for with the PS3, so I guess Nintendo is thinking of a release significantly before the Big-Ugly (Nov. 27th).

I hope that this is a good guess, at least. I'm ruttish on playing with my Wii. I really thought of driving all the way to Leipzig (thats a expensive 720km way), just to try out the little white thingy. I eventually came to my senses. It feels good to be a bit of a nerd again though, when it comes to the Wii.


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