Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Batallion Wars is the one and only Halo

It took a while, but I finally managed to get my copy of Batallion Wars on the GameCube. I'm not through it yet, though I think it is a really great game. When I first played it, I was not sure of what it reminded me, because I was sure that I never played something like Batallion Wars before.

Now I know. It is like Halo. No, no! Not that crappy Xbox Halo, that we were playing some years ago - it is a little bit like the true Halo. The one we saw on the first movies, when I thought it was intended to be a 3rd-person shooter with tactical elements, teamwork and a vivid world. When I saw a movie of Halo back at E3 2000, I was impressed (and when I look at it today, I still am). I know there might be some fanboys which will flame me for this, but neither the final Halo nor it's sequel impressed me (yeah, yeah, they were neat). And that's a pitty, because I had really been looking forward to it once.

So Batallion Wars finally comes quite close to what I expected Halo to be. It is something that everyone should have played - a real reason to buy a Gamecube, if you haven't done yet. Easy to learn but quite complex - and, most important, it's fun.

There ain't a Batallion Wars 2 announced for the Wii yet, is it?


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