Monday, December 11, 2006

Red Steel is bad? No way!

Today I was following an invitation by Ubisoft to visit them and play a little bit with their Wii and their games. I got my hands on Rayman: Raving Rabbids, Red Steel and Monster 4X4 World Circuit.

I was arriving with low expectations, because I heard so much bad about those games (except Rayman). After all I played, I'm happy to say that most of the reviewers are fools. Red Steel might not be as great as everyone expected/hoped, but hell yeah, it works really fine! You're getting into the controls really quick - I immediately dived into the game. There seems to be a lot of good straight action which makes it a cool gaming experience. How for god's sake could this ever be a game that deserves a score around 50? The only thing that seems a little problematic is that it could be hard to play Red Steel on a small tv. So I'll wait with buying it, until I get me a new one at christmas.

But when I think of my first attempts to play Halo on an Xbox - this is not comparable in any way. Until today I sometimes have problems with those stupid gamepad-controls in shooters.

Rayman was quite nice too, but I guess it is a game which you have to play with friends and a lot of beer. The graphics are really funny and the games are diversified in a fine way - but it's nothing you could play for more then minutes if you're alone.

Same for Monster 4x4. It's a small fun racer with controls you need to get used to. It's neither a must-have nor bad, but I guess it could be quite nice throwing explosives on your comrades while trickjumping with your truck. But if you have no friends, save the money.

I'm looking forward to Splinter Cell: Double Agent and Far Cry: Vengeance. They'll be released soon.


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