Friday, December 08, 2006

It's coming home!

Today I got my hands on a Nintendo Wii for the very first time (thanks to my preordering I didn't have troubles getting one). All I can say: Gaming is coming home. Great work Nintendo! I'm already addicted to WiiSports (Tennis, golf, and bowling - I'm howling with the wolves and don't like baseball too much and didn't play much of boxing) and very much looking forward to using the online mode soon, as well as getting new games.

I did play with my girlfriend and another women who is a friend of ours. They immediately worked out how to play too. (My girlfriend is a casual gamer though - she has a NDS, but the other one isn't).

On Monday I'm invited by Ubisoft for a little Wii-party. I'm sure they will have a hard time, getting me out of their office (good luck for them that I have a lecture at the UNO-centre on that afternoon ;)).

More than that I figured out that my TV is too small for this kind of gaming. I'm going to buy a new one at Christmas. Does anyone know, if a Samsung LE-26R32B is a good choice? This one is lying within the range of my financial situation (although at the absolute limit) and does indeed look quite good in the shop.


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