Monday, September 25, 2006

Monkey Ball Girls go wiild!

Please excuse the lame wordplay in the title... ;)

It's interesting, but when it comes to Wii, even the most annoying gameplay that is based on button mashing-mechanics from 1980 looks like fun :D

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Far Cry for Wii

Ubisoft announced a Wii version of Far Cry. It looks quite okay, but of course can't be compared to the original PC-version. A completely new story around Far Cry's main charakter Jack Carver was announced.

So after Red Steel this is the next great shooter coming to Wii.

PS: There'll also be a multiplayer mode...

Friday, September 15, 2006

Nintendo Wii in Europe

Release: 8th of Decembre 2006 (YAY)
Price: 250€ (including WiiSports) (OKAY)
Launch games: 15-20 (priced 49-59€, including Elebits, Zelda, NfS: Carbon, Red Steel, Rayman and various others), and further 15 on Virtual Console (priced as in the US) (FANTASTIC)
Controller prices: Wiimote - 40€, Classic Controller/Nunchuk - 20€ (UHM, that's a little steep, but ok)

Could be better, could be worse - I would have bought it anyway.
I want it now! :D

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wii: Tomorrow we will know

It's only hours now. Nintendo is going to host a series of press conferences all over the globe tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I'm a little excited.

I like guessing, so let's do it.

I say that Wii is going to cost 225€ in Austria/Europe. Launch day will be in the sescond week of Octobre. There will be about 15 launch games (including Zelda, WiiSports, Rayman, and Red Steel - each costing about 45 or 50€) - plus an equal number on Virtual Console (each costing between 3 and 10€).

Pleeeaaase :D

Friday, September 08, 2006

Spore on Wii & DS with cool connection feature?

Interesting tidbits over at Digital Battle:
According to Nintendo magazine NGamer, Spore will be the first Wii title to use the option of connecting the DS and Wii. Spore hasn’t been officially confirmed as a Wii title yet, but creator Will Wright suggested it at this year’s E3.

NGamer says Spore will be released during Spring 2007, and will connect to the DS over WiFi. Some hardware news are also mentioned; the sensor bar is 50% smaller, Wiimote battery life is estimated at around 60 hours using the AA batteries, and the controller will have built in 6 KB of memory.

Combining the Wii and DS controls in one game could be one great thing. Sure, Spore is going to be cool, though I am thinking of many other possible games (space sim with the Wiimote for fights and the NDS as cockpit console anyone? :)).