Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Falafelkid's Leipzig conclusions

I wasn't able to get to Games Convention, though I've been scanning the web for the few interesting pieces of information that popped up in Leipzig. For example there were two things that Falafelkid said.

1. There might be an announcement from Nintendo of Kyoto concerning the price and launch date of Wii even before I expected. If that is so, what is Nintendo of America going to do on the 14th of Septembre? While I would appreciate to hear those things as early as possible, I'm not so sure if Falafel is right.

2. He spoke to some gamr designers in Leipzig and there were some interesting statements. Gabe Newell's hint that the Wii controller is the perfect thing for a Half-Life crowbar might mean nothing in the end, but it's good stuff for exciting speculation at least. Also Will Wright seems to be interested in porting Spore to Wii. Still, he couldn't make any statements on that. But honestly I would be surprised, if EA will not bring this to the Wii - Also I would be angry (once again), because Spore still is the only game from EA I'm really waiting for.


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